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Dear Friends,

As of 03/13/20

Being in business for over 53 years, and knowing so many of my faithful customers so well, I wanted to personally write a letter to assure you that LindaZ’s is following ALL the recommended guidelines from the CDC to keep our staff, customers, and the Linda Z’s family safe and healthy.


I know our community and loyal customers can appreciate that we support many jobs and hobbies in the community and will continue to make sure that anyone walking into our store will be in a safe and sanitary place.


Our staff will only be coming to the store if they are healthy. We ask that our customers do the same. My employees are very aware of precautions being taken and want to come to work in a healthy environment and are also providing that for our customers.


We will be adding new products on our website daily, that you can order from the comfort of your home. We will share links every day on our Facebook, email, and Instagram. Please be on the lookout for these posts.


If you have health issues and do not feel comfortable attending a class, call us and postpone it to a later date. We are in the middle of an uncertain time and only you can know your comfort level. We will provide later dates for any class that you may miss.


After a long phone meeting with Ricky Tims and staff, we have decided to postpone his event to June26 & 27th.   A letter was sent out Friday to all attendees. Even though we are under all the CDC guidelines, we feel postponing this larger event is the right thing to do.


Something very exciting for me is the start of our sewing Videos. We plan to start Monday, with an educational clip on embroidering.  Supplies used in the video can be sent directly to your home or picked up at the store. We are only a phone call away.

We have many machines on sale that can be sent or delivered to your home.  


Call us if you want to have a chat on how we can make that happen.


New product is arriving every day. Ricky Tim’s new fabrics have arrived and are ready for you to purchase. Watch for our posts of his unique pieces. Tula Pinks’ New “Homemade” Complete fabric line and Kaye England’s new “Blackwood Cottage” are here. Kits are available for pre-order. New Stella, Tilda, Stoff Knits, Dazzle thread, etc. have all arrived.  Watch for more new items each day.


My most important message, However, is for all of you to know that I have always valued my customers and my employees as the MOST IMPORTANT part of our business. My staff depends on their jobs and I know we will all get through this very stressful time. My customer depends on us to make this a Fun, Educational, place to come and that will NEVER change.

We will keep you posted as we receive news. 


Thank you for your continuing support and keeping us in business all these years.

Stay Safe my Friends,

Linda Z

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