Friday & Saturday, May 24 & 25, 9:30a-5:00p

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Embroidery with Trevor Conquergood

Regardless of what kind of machine you own, or what level of embroidery experience you have, embroidery expert Trevor Conquergood will show you techniques that will spark your creativity & enjoyment of seeing a design come to life with your embroidery! Get the latest tips and tricks on stabilizers, thread choice and software.


Free Chicago Skyline Design for Attendees

Seminar Fee: Reg $199, includes lunches, project kits, and an Attendee Gift Valued over $500!

Save $30 with our Early Bird Pricing

Thru April

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About Trevor Conquergood

Trevor learned to create embroidery with his father George while working in a family business called Stitchitize.  He started in 1984 when embroiderers were called punchers - embroidery designs were actually saved on paper tapes with punched holes - no usb stick . As a team manager at Stitchitize he discovered that he wanted to share what he learned. Fast forward 35 years, Trevor is a leading educator in the embroidery world and produced a ton of content for anyone that want to know everything about embroidery.