ORDER direct from Anita Goodesign $29,95 (https://www.anitagoodesign.com/product/anitas-express-easter-egg-pockets/) and type in LINDAZSEW for the 30% discount that is good until April 30.  Be sure to type in LINDAZ at checkout.   Anita Goodesign Express Easter Egg Pockets - Take a crack at these fun, decorative Easter Egg Pockets for your next egg hunt! Plastic eggs are a thing of the past, there's a new chick in town! Everyone will love these beautiful spring designs. Create sweet memories by placing small gifts inside each egg for your loved ones to find! While great for Easter Egg Hunts, you can also share these eggs with coworkers, teachers, neighbors and friends. 

Anita Goodesign Easter Egg Pockets

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