Arrow Bertha Cabinet

If you are looking for a cabinet that offers plenty of space and will support heavy-duty sewing and embroidery machines, Bertha is for you. 

When open, she offers five square feet of sewing space! Just open the two side leaves and quilt leaf on the back to work on larger sewing projects to prevent dragging and fabric bunching. What’s even better is the quilt leaf slides horizontally along a metal rod behind the cabinet for custom positioning. But don’t worry, Bertha can become a tidy cabinet tucked away when you’re not using it. 

Learn more about Bertha’s features below!

Arrow Bertha Cabinet


Cabinet Dimensions:
Open w/quilt leaf: 88 ¾” W x 40” D x 30 ½” H
Closed: 43 ⅜” W x 23 ⅛” D x 31 ¼” H 
Quilt Leaf: 22 ¼” W x 11 ⅝” D x 15 ⅞” H
Small Door Tray (x6): 17 ¼” W x 2” D x 1 ⅚” H 
Large Door Tray (x2): 17 ⅜” W x 3” D x 2 ⅝” H 
Bertha Cabinet is ideal for Sewing Machines: 
Up to 45 pounds
Maximum Machine Dimensions: 
Width: 22 ¼” (left to right) 
Depth: 11 ⅝” (front to back)
Height: 15 ⅞” 
Sewing machine opening is beveled
*Please measure your machine and include knobs, plugs, etc. that extend beyond the body of the machine
The Bertha features vinyl laminate, MDF, and composite wood

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