Friday, December 13, 10a-1p or 2-5p
Owners’ Workshop: Saturday, December 14, 9:30a-1:30p or 2-6p

Supplies not included


Are you tired of sending your quilt away for quilting? Want to find out how to quilt your tops yourself? Join us FRIDAY as worldrenowned long-arm and domestic machine quilting educator, Sarah Thomas, will guide you through freemotion quilting, rulerwork, couching, and other creative techniques. Starting with simple stippling, Sarah will guide you skill by skill, & you’ll be quilting feathers by the end of the session.

Learn the skills you need to successfully quilt your next quilt YOURSELF! FRIDAY is open to
everyone—whether you’ve never touched a quilting machine or you want to own one yourself! You’ll walk away with tips & techniques to improve your quilting skills &
be inspired to quilt your next quilt - YOURSELF!


Do you have a Q20 and want to take it to the next level?
Join us SATURDAY to explore advanced quilting techniques and machine personalization options with Sarah’s guidance. Dive further into the features of the
machine while learning a few new quilting techniques. SATURDAY is open to anyone who already owns a Q20 machine.
If you’ve used your machine regularly, for some time or for only a few months, you’ll
leave with the skills to improve your quilting skills & increase your creativity
when finishing your next quilt.


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