Floriani Medium Tearaway is manufactured using a unique “Non‐Woven” technique. The benefit and result of using this method of production is a very solid consistent stabilizer; when closely examined you will see no thick and/or thin spots. When used as an embroidery stabilizer, it is not necessary to use multiple layers in random directions to support stitches. Medium Tearaway is a 1.5 oz, clean tear stabilizer. It is the best choice for a supplement stabilizer when working on high stitch count designs in conjunction with your other stabilizers such as No Show Nylon Mesh, Heat N Sta® Tearaway or Wet N Stick®. It provides back up support without adding unwanted bulk.
• Use to support embroidery designs on towels, denim or other “stable” woven fabrics. • Tears clean from around most embroidery designs. • Will support about 8,000 stitches on a well-digitized, average sized design. • Use in conjunction with other stabilizers to add support.
 This package is 12" x 10 yards

FlorianiTeraway Medium

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