Husqvarna Viking Designer Ruby INBOX

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The deLuxe™ Stitch System: Effortlessly portions the optimum amount of thread for every stitch, even on challenging novelty threads and fabric. The fully automatic, built-in system helps sewers achieve professional stitch results with fewer adjustments and less effort.
Improved Interactive Color Touch Screen 5.7” (116 x 87 mm): With a new glossy high resolution touch screen, sewers can enjoy a clearer, more distinct impression of colors, icons and lines, making it easier and more enjoyable to use. Activate any function, stitch or information with just a touch of the stylus or USB mouse!
EXCLUSIVE SENSOR SYSTEM™ technology: Senses fabric thickness for perfect, even feed. With a tap on the foot control or the touch of a button, the Sensor Foot Pressure automatically lowers and raises the presser foot. The Sensor Foot Pivot also senses the fabric thickness for instant pivoting.
Extraordinary Sewing and Embroidery Surface: Measuring nearly 10" (250 mm) to the right of the needle, the large surface provides more room to create large projects. The machine boasts one of the longest and slimmest free arms in the industry and the opportunity to create and embroider larger-than-life designs without re-hooping.
SEWING ADVISOR™ and EMBROIDERY ADVISOR™ features: Offers automatic settings and expert advice for optimal sewing and embroidery results.
Design Positioning: Enables sewers to perfectly match their embroideries and place designs with amazing precision, as well as join large embroideries.
Design Editing: Scale, mirror, duplicate and rotate designs. Change thread colors and combine with other designs and personal lettering. Changes appear instantly on the screen. Zoom in and out to view details for easy customizing.
More than 1000 stitches
7 mm stitch width
Side motion sewing for stitches up to  50 mm wide
6 sewing fonts with both upper and lower case letters
More than 300 designs in different sizes
Automatic jump stitch trims
4 embroidery fonts in 3 different sizes with both upper and lower case letters

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