Husqvarna Viking Quilt Designer II

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The most inventive features of the Quilt Designer II include:

The Exclusive Sensor System that automatically lowers the presser foot, raises it when it's time to pivot, and senses the thickness of the fabric and moves over seams and varying thicknesses with even pressure.
The Sewing Advisor instantly sets the ideal stitch, stitch width and length, thread tension, sewing speed, sensor foot pressure and recommends the presser foot and needle when you select your fabric type and weight and sewing technique.
The Exclusive Foot Pressure Sensor automatically adjusts the presser foot pressure to the thickness of the fabric.
The Exclusive Selective Thread Cutter cuts the top and bobbin thread close to the fabric when you finish embroidering or sewing. You can also program thread cut to automatically trim a programmed sequence.
Exclusive Sensor System.
Exclusive Sewing Advisor.
Exclusive Sensor Foot Pressure.
Exclusive Selective Thread Cutter.
Needle Threader.
Electronic Thread Cutter.
Stitch d-Cards.
Embroidery Hoops Optional.
Embroidery d-Cards Optional.
Embroidery Software Optional.
Quilter's Kit Optional.
Sideway sewing.
Work space.

Husqvarna Viking Quilt Designer II

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