Join Aneka the Youtuber from England on Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th June 2018 from 10am to 4pm at Linda Z’s and learn techniques to improve your dressmaking skills. Gain a better understanding of fitting on your individual figure, learn pattern drafting, and get help constructing a garment. All during an action packed, informative sewing weekend with Aneka.


Linda Z’s will source the required supplies in advance, provide students with 25% discount and is offering machine rental service for $25.


The class will be based around the Made to Sew – Copen pattern, and will be divided into 3 parts; fitting techniques, pattern cutting and/or sewing.


Fitting Techniques
You will learn fitting techniques using the Copen pattern.
The session will begin with flat pattern cutting adjustments, you will learn how to grade between sizes. How to complete adjustments such as a full or small bust adjustment, sway back adjustment, bicep adjustment etc. as needed.
Once the pattern is complete you will create a 3D Copen pattern in a sample fabric such as muslin (calico) to check the fit and make further alterations.


Pattern Cutting
Once you have perfected the Copen pattern, Aneka will share 5-6 different design ideas and ways that you can alter the pattern.
Teaching pattern cutting skills and techniques for different design details (neckline changes, A-line skirt, shirt collar etc.) There will be 5-6 designs available to choose from, with a variety of complexities. You will have time to create approximately 2 perfectly fitting patterns in the class.
Should you prefer to focus on your sewing skills, you can work on sewing the Copen dress now that it fits you perfectly.

Based on your personal learning requirements you can continue with pattern cutting, working through other design ideas above.
Alternatively you can decide to start sewing the Copen pattern or one of the other designed garments.


Supplies: A printed copy of the Copen pattern will be provided free-of-charge to all students.  A list of the supplies required for the course will be provided to the students on booking. 


Check Aneka's website here & her Youtube Channel


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