Juki K85

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We carry newer Juki sewing machines. However we still provide repair services for the Juki 85 sewing machine.

The HLZ-K85 weighs in at just 15.6 lbs. Sews at speeds faster than many full size sewing machines. 
And - because it’s a Juki, the K-85 sews smoothly, quietly with superior stitch quality!


Start/Stop Button 


Start/Stop Button with luminous color status indicator gives you more control than the foot pedal alone. 
Next to it is a reverse stitch button that secures stitches at the beginning or end of the seam. 
Push it at sewing end and your needle will stop in its highest position.
Adjustable stitch lengths and widths with a simple lever control. 15 needle positions. 
Automatic reverse or reinforcement lockstitch at the beginning and/or end of sewing.


Sensor Buttonholes

Buttonholes adjust automatically to the size of the button. 
Just place a button in the included buttonhole foot, select your favorite style and begin sewing

That fast and that easy!


150 Stitches include 100 Character Font

The HZL-K85 offers a variety of stitch patterns for stretchy fabrics like knits and jerseys and a full character set you can combine with single stitched figures. 
Just store the word and symbol combination in memory to apply anywhere. Personalize garnments and gifts.



Juki K85

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