Embroidery Placement and Stabilizer Instruction on the Brother Luminaire

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Linda shows us how to place embroidery designs on different places of her blue denim shirt. Each placement position calls for the use of a different stabilizer. The back of the denim shirt calls for Floriani’s Beige-colored Fusible No-Show Mesh stabilizer. The front pocket of the shirt with the 4x4 design calls for Floriani’s Heat n Stay stabilizer. And the other pocket, because it is bigger than 4x4 calls for the use of Floriani’s Perfect Stick stabilizer, because you can stick the shirt to the sticky stabilizer instead of having to hoop the shirt.

Notions featured in today’s video:
Measuring tapes of different fun shapes & sizes Rose Gold Embroidery scissors Hot Ruler pressing tool
8x8 wool pressing pad
Laura Star ironing system

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