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How to get started with embroidery - Janome m17 laser embroidery placement

In today's video,

Linda shows you how fabulous it is to know exactly where to place an embroidery design - pinpointed with a laser on the NEW JANOME M17 Sewing, Embroidery, and Quilting Machine! Using a blouse, a small hoop and sticky-backed stabilizer she places a small lady bug design accurately and easily on the cuffs of the sleeves.

Think also - monograms! Stylize your attire for business, casual and FUN - start small with lady bugs then let your creativity expand to designing jacket backs and MORE!

Watch through to the end when Linda mentions a wonderful Australian educator coming to Linda Z's... well that's been solidified! Kym Goldup-Graham, an international educator, author, designer and inventor, will be here to present Sewing Revolution 2-Day Embroidery & Sewing Party, Monday and Tuesday, October 17 & 18! Check out the details below! See you then.

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00:00 Introduction
01:25 Embroidery project ladybug
02:15 Perfect stick stabiliser
03:09 Embroidery Setup Start
05:00 Loading the hoop
05:52 Laser pointer Janome
07:07 Embroidery precise placement with screen
07:45 Threading the janome m17
09:15 Start/Stop button
10:00 Threading tips
11:15 Screen overview
12:40 Wrap up!

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