Ricky Tim's & LindaZ event updates + giveaway winner drawing (more to come)

Signup for both of Ricky's Event here: https://bit.ly/373XuRu

Hello everyone! We are filming in our NEW studio with Ricky today. We added a few doorprizes over and above the thread set & will draw 6 lucky winners.

We can't believe how many of you have reached out for the warehouse sale. We are still trying to get back to all of you, sorry if you have been waiting for a call back - give us a call 847 394 4590 or use our contact forms.
The sale will end soon

Tune in on our Youtube channel for a premiere broadcast of the video with Ricky & Linda.
Or catch it around 6:30pm on our Facebook page or Youtube Channel! It will be available ad vitam...!

Ricky is a staple in the quilting world and you will learn so much from him. We really hope you can make it to the Live Webinar & Live event in April. (Signup on our Website)

Here are a few words from Ricky

There’s no doubt we are all spinning from how Covid is effecting our lives. Things seem to be changing daily. For me, I’m sad that my event has to be postponed again... but!!!…. I’m super excited to share a wonderful web session with you. I want to share some ‘new’ news and some insights that will get you even more excited for when we can finally make this event happen. If you are a Linda Z loyalist - you know that when we finally have our time together we are going to celebrate in the biggest and most inspiring way. You won’t want to miss it!!! Until then, I’m ON THE TEAM! Let’s have our time together via the web. You inspire me - I hope I can inspire you! Onward - with faith, hope, determination, and JOY!

Ricky Tims