Thread Lesson 101 - Where Do We Start?

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Linda talks about the Mettler 100 weight 3-ply polyester thread today, and there is so much to say. What should you use it for? If 100 weight thread is in the upper thread, then what weight of thread should go in the bobbin? For which type of sewing would you use this thread combination? Why would you want to get different sizes of spools?
What are other weights of thread used for? Are there specific thread weights used for particular types of sewing? Yes!
These are just some of the questions answered by Linda in this video.

What is the phrase that helps Linda remember the difference between the weights of thread?
That’s right!

The higher the (weight) number, the finer the thread.

Something tells me there will be more thread lectures in coming videos, as this one barely covers the tip of the iceberg.

Remember one piece of advice - use only good quality thread in your sewing machine! You will be happy and so will your machine.

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