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✨What's your favorite Solaris and Luminaire Upgrade features? We ❤️ the long stitch embroidery

In today's video,

Linda shares some of her favorite new features from the Babylock Solaris Vision & the Brother Luminaire XP3.
These exciting new features can be unlocked on older machines with an upgrade.

We just received a few Babylock upgrade kits, as with Brother they are coming in small batches. We are operating on a first come first serve basis.
So if you interested get your name on the list!! :)

Contact the store for more information.

Shop Brother Machines:
Shop Babylock Machines:

02:00 Upgrade Package Info/Status
07:30 New Stylus
08:06 Muvit foot (not included in upgrade)
11:40 Hooping Tips
17:00 Machine Setup for long stitch embroidery

#solaris #luminaire #upgrade

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