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Quilting Fabric

Batik Fabric

Our store is divided in three levels: 

The first level is mostly dedicated to all our sewing machines brands. You will find our Batiks, Flannels, 180-inch backing, dupioni silk on the east side of the building.

Our Fabrics are neatly spread out around the store:

Prepare to get stunned by our beautiful 80 ft long solid color essentials wall on the second level. This makes it a breeze to find matching fabric for all your ongoing sewing projects.

Minky    Fabric

Muslin  Fabric

Cotton Fabric

Most of our designer fabrics are upstairs.You will find some knits and Accuquilt product as well.You will not find most of our fabrics in the big box stores. Our shop is a family affair, we are proud to have served the sewing, quilting community in our area for over fifty years now. We used to be a small fabric shop more orientated in sewing machine sales, but now our Fabrics have clearly taken over.

Our Loyal machine customers have enjoyed $1 off/y for many years! We run monthly clubs.. Give us a try & join our 100,000 and growing community members.. you will not be disappointed!

Some Designers we carry


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