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Sewing Machine Repair

If you're looking for a place that can fix your sewing machine, we've got just the thing. For over 50 years now our team of technicians have been working hard to ensure each customer gets their desired outcome from start-to finish with ease and accuracy.

Please remember to bring your foot control, power cord, bobbin, bobbin case, presser foot, embroidery unit & hoop if applicable.

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Like any machinery, sewing machines need to be serviced to ensure Stitch Quality and a smooth sewing experience.

Linda Z’s full-time, professionally trained, Service Technicians will tune up and repair any make or model sewing machine, embroidery machine, serger and vacuum. Our technicians work on-site at five brightly-lit, state-of-the-art service stations. All machines that come into LindaZ’s are gently and professionally cared for by our technicians. We want you to leave with a clean and healthy machine to carry you through your creative pursuits.

​-Complete sequential adjustment check of Feed Timing, Hook to Needle Timing, 
Needle Bar Height and Position Adjustment.
-Complete re-timing and re-synchronization of all sewing tolerances.
-Complete motor cleaning and servicing
-Automation buttonhole adjustment.
-Reverse-cycle-stitch adjustment.
-Stitch Pattern mechanism check.
-Electronic function balancing and adjustment.
-Bobbin winder adjustment.
-Non-timing related adjustment (belt tensions, needle threader, lights)
-Inspection of internal components for wear (gears, motor brushes)
-Recalibration of upper and lower thread tensions.
-Compressed air cleaning.
-Internal chemical cleaning.
-Complete lubrication.
-Detail exterior cleaning.
-Thorough sewing check for stitch consistency and quality.
-Sewing sample under presser foot upon delivery.

Bring in your machine with its power cord and foot control and a bobbin and the bobbin-case. Also include the standard presser foot, and the buttonhole foot and embroidery foot, when available. For embroidery machines bring the embroidery unit and a standard hoop. It’s also a good idea to bring a spool of the thread you are using in your project.

When bringing in your sewing machines for servicing, a $25 deposit will be applied to the service charges.

Payments for machine service can be made using either cash or check.

Please note, a 3% processing fee applies to all payments made via credit or debit cards.

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