Repair all    make and model sewing machines

Linda Z’s full-time, professionally trained, Service Technicians will tune up and repair any make or model sewing machine, embroidery machine, serger and vacuum. Our technicians work on-site at five brightly-lit, state-of-the-art service stations. All machines that come into LindaZ’s are gently and professionally cared for by our technicians. We want you to leave with a clean and healthy machine to carry you through your creative pursuits.

​-Complete sequential adjustment check of Feed Timing, Hook to Needle Timing, 
Needle Bar Height and Position Adjustment.
-Complete re-timing and re-synchronization of all sewing tolerances.
-Complete motor cleaning and servicing
-Automation buttonhole adjustment.
-Reverse-cycle-stitch adjustment.
-Stitch Pattern mechanism check.
-Electronic function balancing and adjustment.
-Bobbin winder adjustment.
-Non-timing related adjustment (belt tensions, needle threader, lights)
-Inspection of internal components for wear (gears, motor brushes)
-Recalibration of upper and lower thread tensions.
-Compressed air cleaning.
-Internal chemical cleaning.
-Complete lubrication.
-Detail exterior cleaning.
-Thorough sewing check for stitch consistency and quality.
-Sewing sample under presser foot upon delivery.

Bring in your machine with its power cord and foot control and a bobbin and the bobbin-case. Also include the standard presser foot, and the buttonhole foot and embroidery foot, when available. For embroidery machines bring the embroidery unit and a standard hoop. It’s also a good idea to bring a spool of the thread you are using in your project.
For questions about what to bring please call our staff at 847-394-4590.

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