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Juki   Sewing Machines

Great durable sewing quilting machines. Juki sitdown and longarm

Juki is a staple in the world of sewing. Since 1945, they've been crafting Home Sewing Machines in the heart of Japan. At Juki, their passion revolves around the art of product-making, a philosophy they call "monodzukuri."


LindaZ’s offers a diverse range of Juki sewing and quilting machines, along with sergers and computerized models for sale. The extensive selection caters to both beginners and seasoned sewers, making any sewing or quilting projects a breeze.


Discover the convenience of Juki sergers, allowing you to work garments with exceptional ease. Our store also features Juki long-arm frames & sitdown quilting machines.


When you choose a Juki machine for your sewing needs, you can be confident that it will efficiently handle your heavy sewing tasks and enhance your creative options.


Renowned for their durability, Juki sewing and quilting machines offer the strength of industrial models at a more accessible price point.

Operating a Juki machine is a breeze, even for novice sewers. These machines are designed for minimal vibration, ensuring stability during your projects. Juki provides an array of options for hobbyists and semi-professional seamstresses/quilters alike.

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