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Digitizing, embroidery and quilting software

Digitizing a dog in embroidery software


Packed with powerful and time-saving features, this software is for both the casual hobbyist or the home-based business entrepreneur. Imagine the ability to create your own fonts, stitches and designs once to use many times on hats, pillows, shirts and more. Help reduce the amount of time spent changing threads by using the Intelligent Color Sort feature that will stitch the areas that share one color in groups. Best yet, if you own the Luminaire XP1, enjoy Wireless LAN Connectivity to transfer your embroidery designs and sewing stitches wirelessly.


Learn how to turn your CREATIVE IDEAS into EMBROIDERED REALITY! Reach new CREATIVE HEIGHTS! Explore embroidery like never before! Learn functions such as... Photowork - take a photo or other image & create an embroidered keepsake. Punchwork - create felted needlework right in the hoop. Stumpwork - turn flat design into 3D artwork. Trapunto - Select areas of your embroidery design to apply the raised satin stitching for stunning effects and… MUCH, MUCH MORE! Bring your laptop, with the software loaded, a USB, and a mouse - watch your custom designs come to life ready to stitch at home into a finished embroidered design!


The program that allows you to convert drawings within the software into embroidery stitches! This amazing new software can be used with any Embroidery Machine! Create specific stitch designs on the fly and on-screen.

PE Design PhotoStitch

Do you have PE Next/10? Have you only scratched the surface of the fantastic things it can do? One of those fantastic things is the PhotoStitch application – get amazing thread-painted artwork from a jpeg image! Yes - YOU can do it! Join us and ignite your software knowledge! Learn how to create your own MASTERPIECES! Work hands-on, on your laptop, with an image and PE Design’s PhotoStitch software. With our instructor, work through the steps from loading an image into the software, applying the PhotoStitch function and finally creating your own stitch file to embroider
YOUR MASTERPIECE on your machine at home.

Intro to Floriani Total Control U Embroidery Software

Did you just get the new Floriani Total Control U software and don’t know where to start? Have you had the software for awhile and haven’t taken any classes yet? Then this is the class for you.  Bring your laptop with the software loaded and we will start you out with the basics in an easy to understand format. Don’t put it off – come to class now!

Auto-Digitizing with Floriani Total Control U

​Don’t let software be intimidating! Use your software EASILY & AUTOMATICALLY. Complete a design from an image RIGHT AWAY! Auto-digitizing is the quickest and easiest way to create your own designs and Floriani has it mastered! Learn how the NEW Floriani Total Control U Software can make you a master digitizer – AUTOMATICALLY!  Bring your laptop loaded with  software, dongle, USB & a mouse.

Floriani My Decorative Quilter II Software

​Learn how to finish your quilts with quilting you design yourself – with the NEW My Decorative Quilter II Software from Floriani! If your long-arm, or long-armer, is tied up with another project and you’d like to finish a quilt-top quickly with your home embroidery machine, then this is the way to do it. Join us to OPEN UP THE POSSIBILITIES! We will cover a wide variety of techniques and tips to make it easy and FUN to use!

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