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Ditto see what the future of sewing holds!

Ditto  see what the future of sewing holds!

Create Perfect Fits - Every Time - with Ditto’s Pattern Projector!

Experience professional-level results with Ditto’s innovative pattern projector. This ultimate tool for projecting patterns allows you to quickly and accurately trace any pattern. With its simple-to-use app, hundreds of ready-to-use patterns, easy customization options and fast projection speed, creating exact replicas is easier than ever before.

Choose from sizes 0 to 28 and shop hundreds of patterns that can be further customized to fit your needs perfectly. Thanks to the guided instructions on the app, setup is a breeze - just launch the software and project your personalized pattern right onto the included cutting mat. Start cutting fabric immediately with a Rotary Cutter and use fabric weights for an even more accurate result.

Get your hands on this amazing product today and make crafting easy!

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Ditto Pattern Projector

Ditto Pattern Projector

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