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How to make an overlock stitch with the Bernina 890 serger

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In this video, Linda shows you how to make a basic overlock stitch on the Bernina 890 serger. This is a great stitch for finishing seams and preventing unraveling.

As you sew, be sure to keep an even tension on the fabric. If the tension is too loose, the stitches will be too big and loose.

The bernina 890 airthreader serger has a great built in tutorial that shows you all the setup you need to do before starting to use the overlock stitch.


00:00 Introduction
01:00 Big book of serging
01:30 Serger uses
02:00 Machine Setup
02:40 Guided Mode
03:59 Lift the presser foot
05:22 Insert needles
08:00 Raise Blade
08:22 Adjust cutting width
09:00 Attach knife cover insert
11:50 MTC Adjust
12:19 Thread the machine
16:45 Sample test
17:45 Conclusion

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