Let’s Sail Away with Accuquilt!


Linda and Debbie show you how you can create easy quilt blocks with your Accuquilt Qubes and your Eleanor Burns Go! Qube Mix & Match Blocks and Pattern Book that you get for free when you buy any Accuquilt Qube.

For example, with her 6 inch Qube, Debbie made a set of placemats using the detailed instructions for the Boat block and the Airplane block that are in described in detail in the book. Six blocks - or 3 Boats and 3 Airplanes - makes a perfect-sized placemat. Who knew?

Did you know that when you buy the Ready-Set-Go! Cutting System that you receive some extra goodies in the box with the cutter system?
Yes! You get:
the 8 inch Qube
the 6”x6” cutting mat
the 2 1/2” strip die
the 10”x24” mat that goes with the strip die
the Go! Die Pick
the Eleanor Burns Mix & Match Blocks Book
if you buy from Linda Z’s, you get 6 yards of free quilter’s cotton fabric (our choice of fabric)!
So you can start quilting immediately when you take your Go! Cutter out of the box!

But wait - There’s More...

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Happy Mother’s Day!
Happy sewing!

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