New Pfaff Icon 2 Sewing & Embroidery Machine top of the line

This week is the launch week for the new Pfaff creative icon 2 sewing & embroidery machine. 

Here is a first look video for you to see all the wonderful new features. If you are interested in one of the limited edition machines, please act fast as they will most likely be out of stock before the end of the convention.

New Features: 

You can ask questions to The pfaff icon 2, filter designs all by voice commands The machine comes with a projector that will help you with your sewing & embroidery. 

In sewing mode turn on the projector and you can use guidelines & grids; change their color to work with whatever fabric is under your needle. 

In embroidery mode, stitch every embroidery design on your PFAFF creative icon 2 with certainty using the built-in camera. First, scan the fabric placed in the embroidery hoop. Then see the fabric image on the screen. Next, use the loaded background to preview your design on the fabric and assist with design placement. 

The Pfaff Icon 2 is on display at our showroom, contact us to setup an appointment to test it out :) 

Questions? Ready to order? 

Pfaff Icon 2: 

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Pfaff Creative Icon 2 Embroidery & Sewing Machine

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