Quilting is Easy and Fun on the Bernina Q24 Longarm ( Even for a 15 year old! )

First Linda gives us some exciting news!

Yes! That’s right! We have another Floriani webinar scheduled for Wednesday, April 22, at 1:30 pm CST with Kathi Quinn as your formidable teacher. Come one, come many! Details to follow...stay tuned!

Register here: https://lindazs.com/event-details/live-webinar-with-floriani


First-time quilter, Evelyn, Suellen’s 15 year old grand daughter, shows us just how easy it is to program the quilting stitches on the Bernina Longarm frame. Just a few clicks, ... and voilà! Her quilt is finished! Just like that! Beautiful work, ladies! Happy Birthday to Evelyn as well!

For those of you watching who have that yearning to quilt your own quilts, not only is it possible, but we also just happen to have one of these beautiful Q24 longarms on sale at Linda Z’s, and it’s ready to be delivered to your home! Take advantage of the super great pricing, and FREE financing until the end of April! We will teach you how to use the machine in our super fun classes at the store and online.