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Tips on buying a new sewing machine

Buying a sewing machine can be an overwhelming experience. There are so many models to choose from and so many features. Here are a few things you need to consider before you start shopping for a new machine.

What type of sewing will you do? Will you be mending clothes? Would you like to embroider, quilt or a machine that does it all? Some machines are better than others for different tasks. Our sales staff will gladly assist you in finding your pefect fit. Get a hands-on feel and try everything the sewing world has for you. We carry the best brands & have all our machines out for you, in the store, ready to play with.


Sewing Machine Prices

Our certified refurbished machine starts at $99.99. We offer free lifetime usage classes* and great discounts on our large fabric collection for everyone who buys a new machine.

Feel free to CONTACT US for any machine price question.

We also offer 0% financing programs for some sewing machines. We like to provide our customers with the best machines out there. We have Events sponsored by Bernina, Brother, Pfaff, Viking & Juki. These Events are the perfect occasion to learn everything about your machine & get great discounts.

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Trade-in & trade-up program

At our store you can start wherever you feel comfortable and if you decide, within a year, to upgrade your machine you will get the full amount you spent on your machine back towards the purchase of a better machine. Policy here

Save $$$ by trading your current machine!


Should you go for a Used Sewing Machine?

Buying a used sewing machine might be ideal for you. Most of our customers trade-in their current machine to buy a new one. 

We have a great Service Center that evaluates all the trade-in machines we get in and price them reasonably.
We have given great deals on second hand Brother Embroidery machines in the past and will continue to do so. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions.

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We have proudly served the Chicago area for over 51 years with excellent service & products. Join our community - you won’t regret it - we will be glad to assist you in all your future creative endeavors.

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