We run monthly sewing clubs



We have been inspiring our sewing community for over 51 years. Our Staff  is passionate and ready to help you make the right choice for your future sewing machine. 


You can signup for exclusive Events with
brilliant educators. You will be given an awesome trade-in value for a purchase of a new Sewing Machine.

We will not be undersold. When we can we will gladly match or beat the prices of our competition and offer added value through many of our unique Services. 

Free training by qualified staff members and a dollar off fabric - lifetime  for a new machine purchase.
Largest Service & Repair department in Chicagoland with certified mechanics on the premise!


Rickie Brooks


In almost every industry one will find there are pillars that have not only supported those industries but have largely been responsible for their survival. Such is the infamous Chicago Sewing Retailer, Linda Z’s! One only has to walk through their retail location to see this is a Service Oriented, Customer Pleasing Operation with one single goal that originates from its leader and that is to Exceed Customer Expectation!

Kaye England

Good Measure Rulers & K.E. publications

I have had the great pleasure of working with Linda and her incredible staff many times in the past and can truly say that I wish it was in my backyard.  The staff is knowledgeable and friendly, the shop has an enormous selection of quilting machines, notions, fabrics and other goodies for your shopping pleasure.  A super machine repair department,   great classrooms, fabulous lighting, many special events and more…. Why not make this your destination shop?

Hanspeter Ueltschi 

Chairman and Owner of BERNINA 

I have personally known Linda for over 30 years. Linda Z has established a major sewing 
community in the greater Chicago area. They also invested time in the school community like no other in the Chicago market.
Linda Z's efforts and creativity have lead the store to become a member of the elite BERNINA Century Club.
With four generations involved 

Linda Z is a real family business  like BERNINA of Switzerland.



1216 E Central Rd, Arlington Heights, IL 60005

support@lindazs.com \  Tel: 847-394-4590


Mon - Fri: 9:30am- 5:30pm  

Saturday: 9:30am - 5:30pm \  Sunday: 11:30am - 5pm

Open until 8pm on Class Nights.

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